Invited Talk – J. Carmona

The Alignment of Formal, Structured and Unstructured Process Descriptions

Nowadays organizations are experimenting a drift on the way processes are managed. On the one hand, formal notations like Petri nets or Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) enable the unambiguous reasoning and automation of designed processes. This way of eliciting processes by manual design, which stemmed decades ago, would still be an important actor in the future. On the other hand, regulations require organizations to store their process executions in structured representations, so that they are known and can be analysed. Finally, due to the different nature of stakeholders within an organization (ranging from the most technical members, e.g., developers, to less technical), textual descriptions of processes are also maintained to enable that everyone in the organization understands their processes.

In this presentation I will describe novel techniques for facilitating the interconnection between these three process representations. This requires interdisciplinary research to connect several fields: business process management, formal methods, natural language processing and process mining.