Invited Talk – J.A. Bañares

Model-Driven Development of Performance Sensitive Cloud Native Streaming Applications

The number of applications that process data in a stream basis has increased significantly over recent years due to the proliferation of sensors. Additionally, in cyber-physical systems, physical and software components are deeply intertwined, adding the ability to act on the environment.

In many cases, cloud resources are used for the processing, exploiting their flexibility, but these sensor streaming applications often need to support operational and control actions that have real-time and low-latency requirements that go beyond the cost effective and flexible solutions supported by cloud platforms. The development of these applications cannot be delegated to the magical properties of frameworks and services that promise simple solutions, hiding the inherent underlying complexity of cloud resources. It raises the difficulty of developing complex streaming processing in the cloud and highlights the need for a suitable developing methodology. Moreover, during the developing lifecycle, a number of facets have to be considered such as the design of functional parallel solutions, the impact of a target cloud platform that exhibits different degrees of performance variability, or the need for more complex performance requirement support. This talk will present our experiences in developing Petri Net models for performance sensitive cloud applications thus leveraging the use of formal models in complex scenarios.